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About Us

3 attorneysDurham Bray Law Firm was founded in 1999 by Danny L. Durham, and has been successful over the years by serving many satisfied clients, in both civil and criminal matters. Prior to 1999, Mr. Durham was a partner at Fleming, Blanchard, Jackson, and Durham, where he tried hundreds of criminal trials and dozens of personal injury cases. Melissa Bray was named partner on February 1, 2021.

Durham Bray Law Firm has received the Client Distinction Award, and in 2015, the firm received the "10 best" Client Distinction in Georgia. Our firm is a seasoned (Trial Lawyer) firm with a concentrated practice in the areas of Personal Injury Law including but not limited to: auto crashes, tractor-trailer crashes, product liability (defective products, inherently dangerous products and failure to adequately warn of dangers), medical/legal malpractice and slip and fall injuries. Mr. Durham has tried in excess of 50 civil trials and has settled thousands of Personal Injury and other civil cases over the years.

Additionally, our Firm practices Criminal Defense Law. Mr. Durham has tried over 250 jury trials in the state and federal courts of Georgia, with a high percentage of wins. Also, he has handled thousands of criminal cases through non-trial resolutions.

Since proving facts, on the civil side, or making sure the state proves its case, on the criminal side is essential, Mr. Durham and the attorneys who work with him, Melissa Bray and Charles Doolittle have a wide range of experience doing just that. "If your heart's desire is to become a 'Trial Lawyer' there's no better place to start your career than representing the people/state and learning how to prove facts and recognize weaknesses in your opponents' cases in Courts of Law", Mr. Durham says. "Our commitment is giving our clients 100% and helping people from all walks of life." Mrs. Bray and Mr. Doolittle bring many years of trial experience to Durham Bray Law Firm and are passionate about giving their clients the best representation possible.

Durham Bray Law Firm has built a solid reputation of reliable, competent, and aggressive legal representation while conducting ourselves in a professional and ethical manner. We are happy to discuss your legal matter, and initial consultations are FREE of charge.

We offer discounted fees to first responders, military, and law enforcement.