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We set up the claims, deal with the adjusters, and help seek to get your losses paid. If you have a lawyer who says he will set you up with a doctor, chiropractor, or therapist, you need to hobble, walk, or run from that lawyer. Good personal injury trial lawyers want to see you after the trauma, severe pain, and sedation have subsided. If you need help, our office is glad to provide a list of qualified medical providers for the client's choosing. After one reaches maximum medical improvement from the crash, we then gather all the relevant information such as: medical reports and bills, as well as lost wage information, a disability rating, and photos showing sustained trauma and disfigurement (scars, artificial devices, etc.). Once we have collected this and any additional information, a statutory demand letter is sent. This letter demands a certain sum of money, which the client and attorney have agreed upon, and is sent to the liable party giving that adverse party thirty days to respond. If the case cannot be settled to the client's satisfaction, we will seek to file a lawsuit against those who caused your damages and take them to court.

Victims of Drunk Driving

Whether you have been injured or only sustained property damage to your car or home, you should call us. We have been highly successful in winning large money awards from those who were grossly and willfully negligent and under the influence of alcohol or other substances.

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Medical/Legal Malpractice

By in large, we have a dedicated group of health professionals who are a Godsend in times of sickness. However, when health care providers or legal professionals depart from a standard of care endorsed and promoted by their peers, devastation to one's health or one's rights may result. If you suspect problems, you have a right to your medical records or legal file for analysis. Make an appointment and we will review your case at no cost or obligation.

Nursing Home Negligence

Sometimes families find themselves in a great dilemma in deciding how their elderly loved ones should be cared for when they no longer can care for themselves. They trust the care to professional caretakers who occasionally drop the ball, so to speak. Through negligent acts and omissions, these caretakers can inflict serious mental and physical pain, severe injury, and even death. If you suspect negligence or abuse, call us for a consultation at no cost to you. Your loved one's final years should be filled with the best care.

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