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Criminal Defense Attorneys in Augusta, Georgia

If you or a loved one find yourselves on the other side of the law, or the subject of interest in a criminal matter, call us for a free consultation. It does not cost you a penny to meet with us and it guarantees you an opportunity to discuss the matter with a competent attorney, capable of protecting your rights. When a person is arrested and subsequently accused or indicted, his future is at risk. A conviction can affect a person's job, education, and overall quality of life.

Put Experience On Your Side

Hiring an attorney to assist you creates for you an advocate whose primary concern is the protection of your constitutional rights and the preservation of your liberty. Durham Bray Law Firm is composed entirely of experienced trial attorneys, all of whom happen to be former prosecutors. We represent criminal defendants in both State and Federal Court, specializing in every manner of criminal proceeding and charge, ranging from misdemeanors such as D.U.I. and other traffic offenses, to felonies including more serious offenses such as Armed Robbery and Malice Murder. Let our many years of experience in helping thousands of others help you.

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