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Timothy O'Brien

Attorney at Law

Timothy O’Brien received his Juris Doctorate from Syracuse University in New York before moving down south. Timothy became a prosecutor with the Augusta District Attorney’s Office. There he gained valuable trial experience trying cases ranging from misdemeanor theft and assault to armed robbery and murder. In 2019, Timothy was promoted to Trial Team Leader; in this role he supervised and guided two junior prosecutors assigned to his team. In 2021, he was named as one of the founding members of the Augusta District Attorney’s Office Violent Crimes Unit where he specialized in severe violent felonies ranging from aggravated assault to murder.

Timothy's valuable experience as a trial lawyer and prosecutor serves him well as he represents clients in personal injury cases and prosecutes negligent defendants in Georgia Civil Courts. He also uses his experience as a prosecutor to defend clients accused of crimes.

He resides in Martinez, Georgia with his wife Sundee and three cats.